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Who is Boatopia?

Miami media entrepreneur Bernard Dino Bonomo, leads an award-winning team specializing in corporate, lifestyle and marketing solutions for brands worldwide.

Since 2003, we have created over 4200 videos for Startups to Fortune 100 clients - and are pioneers at nautical media production. So if you're looking for the most professional yacht photographers, creative videographers and expert drone pilots.. then you have arrived at the your destination.

Boatopia™ is a sister company of BONOMOTION VIDEO AGENCY.

Drone Videos: Captivating drone videos offering a unique perspective.
Picture of a Yacht: A picturesque image featuring an elegant yacht.
Photography Packages Pricing: A display of photography package options and prices.
Professional Drone Camera: Top-of-the-line professional drone camera equipment.
Boat Photography: Artistic boat photography showcasing watercraft beauty.
Yacht Week Croatia 2023: Vibrant visuals from the Yacht Week in Croatia 2023.
An artistic and intriguing shot of a couple by the beach
Yacht Photographers: Profiles of skilled and experienced yacht photographers.
Superyacht Photographer: A recognized photographer known for superyacht photography.
Ocean Drone Shot: A breathtaking aerial view captured by a drone over the ocean.


Take a look "Behind-the-Scenes" with Bernard, Chris and the Boatopia Team as they create the best content on the water...

It all leads up to now...

As a Miami Media Entrepreneur, Bernard Dino Bonomo is a web-TV pioneer, having launched the first local lifestyle channel (Symbols of Success) and automotive video review site (Motorguru), several years before YouTube. Bonomo’s award-winning team specializes in corporate, entertainment and web-video solutions; serving luxury lifestyle clientele worldwide. In only 3 years, Marine Video Production has filmed / photographed over $350 Million dollars of yachts for sale and charter, making it one of the leading content creators based in Miami, FL.

Graduating with an Associate of Arts degree from University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in media communications from Florida Atlantic University, Bonomo trained at the renowned NYU Film School. As a media entrepreneur and Final Cut pro certified editor with over 15 years of experience, Bonomo’s produced over two thousand videos for Startups to Fortune 100 companies.

“With the latest cinematic production techniques, Boatopia introduces the boating lifestyle to new boaters and yacht aficionados,” said Bonomo. “It’s all about enjoying your dream lifestyle on the water, while also revealing the success stories of those who are leading this industry. We don’t want to just show you how cool it is to enjoy life on the water, we want to help inspire you to achieve your dreams.”